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Jon Stands with Machinists Lodge 777 in Strike at Sunset Ford

SUNSET HILLS, Mo. — Jon Karlen, democratic candidate for Missouri’s 3rd Congressional District, joined members of the IAM Automotive Lodge 777 Missouri on strike at Sunset Ford in Sunset Hills, Mo., today.

The mechanics and service advisors went on strike November 1, 2021, protesting Sunset Ford’s proposed increase to the cost of pensions, forced work on Black Friday, and other restrictive policies, all while increasing pay an insulting 25-cents per hour.

Karlen joined members picketing for about two hours, providing coffee and donuts in support of the striking workers’ cause. During his time with the strike, Karlen reported immense support from passing motorists and not one prospective customer crossing the line.

“I am running for Congress largely because I feel the workers never get a fair shake. The

unfair contract at Sunset is a prime example,” said Karlen. “It was my pleasure to physically stand with these workers yesterday — and in Congress I will stand strong with all of Missouri’s workers. “

“Minimum wage hasn’t moved in 20 years; the cost of living has skyrocketed. That’s unfair. Workers deserve paid time off when their family grows and safe and engaging places for their children to go when they return to work. The American worker deserves so much more than they receive today and, until they do, America will always be at a disadvantage,” Karlen added.

November 21, 2021 edit: The IAM Automative Lodge 777 Missouri strike at Sunset Ford was settled today.

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