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Jon Karlen Endorses Bethany Mann For US Congress

On August 2, 2022, I competed in what I can only assume was the most cordial, friendly and polite primary ever held against Bethany Mann. In the 7 months between candidate filing and Primary Day not only did Bethany and I never disparage one another we became sincere friends often checking in on each other to both provide and receive support as we lived the shared experience of the campaign.

While I was naturally disappointed with the outcome of the primary I conceded proud of the race I’d run, the race Bethany and I had both run, and knowing the vital task of defeating Blaine Luetkemeyer was in very capable hands.

During my campaign I often said my goal is to end the treasonous but otherwise unremarkable career of Blaine Luetkemeyer. My being his replacement was never what was important. Definitively defeating one of the worst people to ever “serve” our great state was always all that mattered.

There are countless reasons why I’d prefer to see Bethany Mann in Congress over Blaine. For starters, she’s never provided aid and comfort to those actively taking up arms against the United States which Blaine objectively has done. If that was the only difference between Bethany and Blaine she’d enthusiastically have my vote. But that’s not the only difference. Not by a long shot.

Bethany has a depth of knowledge and experience from her remarkable career in science that Blaine does not. Her understanding of science will serve us well as we navigate an ongoing climate crisis.

In the wake of the Constitutionally preposterous decision to strip away bodily autonomy Bethany favors codifying reproductive freedom while Blaine clamors for forced birth in a world where a ten year old is forced to carry a rapist’s baby to term.

On every issue of any import Bethany has it right where Blaine has it wrong. More important than policy, however, is that Bethany is a good, honorable and decent person looking to take on this job for the noblest of reasons and Blaine is none of those things.

It is my honor and privilege to endorse Bethany Mann to serve as the next member of the United States House of Representatives from Missouri’s Third Congressional District.

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