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Jon Karlen Releases Statement on Leaked Roe v Wade SCOTUS Decision

United States Congressional Candidate Jon Karlen (D-MO) issued the following statement tonight regarding the leaked SCOTUS decision overturning Roe v Wade and its 5 decades of protection for women's reproductive freedom:

"I decided to get into this race because of my deep desire to help all Missourians, particularly those who are marginalized. I am driven by the quest to replace an extremist who endorses forced pregnancy. I believe our Representative must work to cement a woman’s bodily autonomy in federal law.

Today that issue has a new burning urgency; the leaked Supreme Court opinion that would overturn Roe v Wade strips women of a right that was won a half century ago.

The right to an abortion is among the greatest moral issues of our time. Yes, each individual has a right to define life as their religious beliefs dictate. But I categorically reject their imagined right to impose those beliefs on others.

Compelling a woman to carry a pregnancy to term violates the very liberty and freedom we as a nation cherish so deeply. Stripping bodily autonomy from half of our citizens is the most un-American idea I can imagine.

I applaud Senate Majority Leader Schumer for forcing a vote on the Women’s Health Protection Act next week. But given the likelihood of it failing we must strengthen our resolve to protect women’s rights through any and all legislative and executive avenues open to us."

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