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Statement Regarding Terrorism Inciting "Ad" By Eric Greitens

June 20, 2022

O'Fallon, MO

Congressional Candidate (D, MO-3) Jon Karlen tonight released the following statement regarding the "ad" released by US Senate Candidate Eric Greitens (R, MO):

Eric Greitens is a disgraced former Governor of Missouri, having been forced to resign from office on June 1, 2018 under the threat of immediate impeachment from his own party and having already been indicted. He is a known sexual predator and violent criminal. That he is even currently on the ballot seeking a seat in the United States Senate reflects exceedingly poorly on the State of Missouri and The Missouri Republican Party.

Today, the disgraced former Governor decided to take his already irredeemable reputation and lower it to previously unexplored depths by endorsing and inciting terrorism. Greitens produced and released a campaign ad on Twitter with himself and others armed with long guns saying they were going “RINO Hunting”. A “RINO” is a “Republican In Name Only”, Republicans who don’t embrace the radical, un-American and dangerous brand of “conservatism” practiced by Greitens. The ad continues on to inform viewers that there “no bagging limits, no tagging limits and (the violence will) continue until we take our country back.”

This is clearly an incitement of violence which is a criminal act. Thus far his own party has been expectedly silent on this heinous act with only one of his rivals on the current ballot bothering to issue a tepid condemnation.

As a candidate for office on the ticket opposing Greitens this “ad” is a direct threat to the safety of my family and me along with all candidates not embracing Greitens’ fascist policies. For that reason, earlier this evening I reported the Tweet to the FBI and will evaluate other options to pursue the arrest and imprisonment of this deeply troubled individual. I would also strongly encourage Missouri Secretary of State John Ashcroft and the Missouri Republican Party to evaluate any and all options to remove this dangerous man from the ballot for the August 2, 2022 Primary.

With seven weeks until the Primary and twenty weeks until the General Election I call on all candidates from all parties to consider the safety of all involved with the electoral process and not take actions compromising any of our safety.

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